Axel's unique and innovative technologies, driven by extensive investment in cutting-edge R&D, have put us at the forefront of the borehole telemetry industry.

Our company develops and implements tailored MWD solutions that enable companies to optimise any drilling process and simplify the work of experts in the field.

Our products are currently in use on on-shore and off-shore rigs all over the world.

Axel firmly believes that our clients should not be forced to use a single line of products from one manufacturer. With the help of our universal platform Axel InterConnect, drilling companies can choose the components and equipment configurations that work best for them.

We are confident that the freedom to choose the best equipment for each task regardless of manufacturer will be the cornerstone of the drilling industry in the future.

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We make MWD/LWD solutions based on Axel products:
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Directional Sensor
Gamma Sensor
Resistivity Tool
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