About Us

Our goal: to improve oil-drilling telemetry around the world through the use of cutting-edge technology

Our History

In 2012, Axel was formed to satisfy a market need for standardized communication in MWD/LWD systems in challenging environments. To that end, Axel gathered a team of highly experienced professionals in programming electronics, and telemetry to develop a world-class telemetry system. Our organization is dedicated to improving the industry through our MWD/LWD product lines. The first Axel Surface Unit prototype was designed to decode the signals from the downhole assembly and was field-tested in 2013, In early 2014, Axel shipping its new surface tool to customers, and a mere six months later it had expanded its sales territory to include Iraq Russia, USA, Kazakhstan, Indonesia Turkey and thee the Netherlands.

In 2017 Axel assisted a company to pass Saudi Aramco pre-qualification in Saudi Arabia and Axel Interconnect was used in Triple Combo BHA in Russia. In 2020 we reached 4.83 bps at 3285m depth (10,778 ft) and we also passed trial in the ADNOC field in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

In 2021 Axel platform was chosen to unify a multi-vendor MWD fleet for major operator in Russia and Axel system, started to be used to integrate RSS (Rotary Steerable System) with different MWD manufacturers.



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Product Development

From prototype to product
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