About Us - Product Development

Product Development

Product design is Axel’s core business, using partnerships with leading global companies to develop new products tailored to client needs.


During prototyping, Axel conducts a comprehensive review of all available components applicable to a given design in order to select the best solutions. Axel prototypes meet the world’s highest quality standards, which make them suitable for operation in high-temperature and high-vibration environments. The components used in our products are designed for operation in a temperature range of -40 °С to +150°С. The printed circuit boards and components comply with international standards, such as the IPC-1710A. The components and products containing them meet PB 08-624-03 safety standards.

Product Testing

Axel devotes special attention to product quality. Therefore, before starting production we conduct extensive laboratory and field tests of each product, giving special emphasis to the latter because our priority is failure-free operation in the field.

Axel tests and customizes new products with both local and international high-tech companies in fields across the world including Russia, the US, Asia, and the Middle East. This collaboration facilitates our ability to design multi-purpose equipment for operation in wide temperature and vibration ranges. Failure-free operation is a key advantage of our system as compared to similar tools, which may not necessarily be designed for extreme environmental conditions.